Masterclass – Crossed Structure binding – part 2

Course period:
Week 31
31 July – 4 August 2023

Bookbinding Master Class with Cristina Balbiano d’Aramengo

This is a masterclass, therefore it is designed for experienced bookbinders, although not necessarily professionals. We will give for granted some basic bookbinding knowledge, about piercing, folding, cutting, measuring.

This master class, based on Carmencho Arregui’s Crossed Structure Binding, will develop your capacity to deal with an unusual way of thinking in a perfectly balanced asymmetry, and your everyday practice will benefit of this extra understanding of books’ motion.

The course is open to who has already followed CSB Part One, with Linda Allard Forsman or with Cristina Balbiano d’Aramengo, hence knows already the basics and made the paper bindings with the different variations of the CSB.
(CBS Part One will be available online as webinar on Zoom platform 2 February – 23 March 2023. More information and registration via this link.)

It lasts five days, during which each participant will make some bindings on real books with the cover in leather or parchment. 

Participants will have to identify the most suitable structure for their books, providing justification for the choice, which will be reviewed collectively. 

The aim of the class is indeed to learn the techniques but also to get able to discern which structure can better fit depending on which book has to be bound. 

There will be time to study and practice the intrinsic decorative possibilities of this structure, and to analyze the original models of Carmencho Arregui and Cristina. 

We will practice with Manne Dahlstedt’s sewing frame, and many tips and tricks about measuring, marking and cutting the leather will be shown. 

Furthermore, during the course we will have the opportunity to learn and apply the technique of lining the leather with Japanese hand-made paper, which will then be used to create some of the bindings. 

”In the last years Cristina Balbiano d’Aramengo has worked with me, discussing technical matters as well as finding new solutions to different problems. Out of this friendship Cristina has developed her own ideas about the Crossed Structure Binding and is now able to present the structure in a more complete and complex form. Her interest in book conservation has led her to adapting the technique to the needs of old books and heavy volumes. Such matters will be treated during this workshop.” 

Carmencho Arregui

Materials and tools
Most materials will be provided to all participants. Instructions about what tools and other things to bring by the participants will be sent in advance.


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Ansökan stängd
  • Tutor

    Cristina Balbiano d’Aramengo
    Graduated in Painting in 1990 from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, Italy, she has worked as assistant to the Paper Conservation Program for professional restorers in Aosta and as trainee to the Laboratorio di Restauro Scentifico del Libro in Rome, Italy. In 1993, Cristina opened her own workshop in Milan, while completing her professional development at the ‘centro del bel libro’ in Ascona, Switzerland. Cristina’s training in both bookbinding and conservation, has led to a respectful approach to the book and to making unobtrusive and discrete bindings, with minimal use of adhesives. She is also involved in creative contemporary bookbinding and likes to study and play with structural elements, emphasizing aesthetic features as well as functional qualities. She has taken part in several exhibitions in England, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and United States. Presently, Cristina works for private collectors and bibliophiles and teaches fine binding, restoration and book arts, both in Italy and abroad, while collaborating with other professional contemporaries (bookbinders, artists, photographers, calligraphers, graphic designers). More information about Cristina at:



  • Course fee

    Course fee:
    7 050 SEK incl. materials, lunch and two evening meals.
    10 180 SEK for 5 nights in a single room incl. materials, meals, bedlinen and cleaning.
    9 530 SEK for 5 nights in part of a double room incl. materials, meals, bedlinen and cleaning.

    Check-in from 4.00 pm the day before the workshop starts. Check-out at 11.00 am on the last course day.

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