Terms course fee and cancelling registration
You register by fill out and send the registration form for your course.
We will send an invoice during february or when we have received your registration. The invoice includes a registration fee of 1 000 SEK (an administration fee that will not be refunded) with due date 30 days after invoice date and the rest of the course fee with due date the 31 of May 2020.

Cancelling or not finished course
Cancellation must be sent to us by e-mail or letter. If the cancellation is received by us more than 30 days before course start the registration fee (1 000 SEK) will be charged.
I the cancellation will be received by us less 30 days but more than 14 days before the course starts, 50% of the course fee and the registration fee (1 000 SEK) will be charged. Less than 14 days and the entire course fee is charged.
If the cancellation is because of illness, the registration fee (1 000 SEK) is charged. Certificate from a medical doctor is necessary.
If the course is not finished because of illness (certificate from medical doctor is necessary) the course fee (except the registration fee 1 000 SEK) charge in proportion to how many days the participant was in the course.

Cancelled course
Leksands folkhögskola has the right to cancell a course because of too few registrations. If the course is cancelled the entire course fee (including the registration fee 1 000 SEK) will be refunded.
If you have any questions please contact;
Maria Fahlgren by e-mail maria.fahlgren@leksandsfolkhogskola.se or by phone +46 247 369 66
or Fia Palmgren by e-mail fia.palmgren@leksandsfolkhogskola.se or by phone +46 247 648 25