The only hand bookbinding education in Scandinavia!
Hand bookbinding is a very old and traditional profession which gives you a lot of creative freedom. It’s an amazing craft that heightens all of your senses.

Educational Goals

The course will give you a proper overview of the craft, and you’ll develop your skills to become a technical and artistic hand bookbinder. We’ll teach you everything, so you don’t need any previous knowledge. You’ll also get a good platform for starting your own company or working as a bookbinder in the library or archiving field. The course lasts for two years, and students from both years work together in the workshop.

You’ll have your own work-space and access to all necessary tools. The workshop is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The education is free and entitles you to apply for a study allowance or a student loan at an upper secondary school level. You only have to pay for your studying materials, accommodation and food.

Year 1

During your first year you’ll get to work with in-cased and constructed cloth-bound binding, full-binding, adhesion methods and various types of boxes. You’ll also get to work with French half binding, tome binding, half sheepskin binding, millimetre binding, binding with deep folds and paper decoration. Furthermore, you’ll get to make your own regular and marbled paper, which then can be used for your books.

Year 2

During your second year you’ll get to delve deeper into various techniques for leather binding. You’ll also get to work with gold leaf tooling and restoration. Four weeks of practical training is also included.

There will be several field trips, and also classes and lectures from guest teachers who work in or have expert knowledge in their respective fields.


The application needs to contain a personal letter. It has to arrive at the school, together with a completed application form and all other documentation, no later than the 16th of April 2018. After a first selection we’ll invite a number of applicants to an interview. We will let you know if you’ve been accepted by the second week of June at the latest.

Visit us

Of course, you’re more than welcome to visit us and see how we work, and also to feel inspired and get a feeling of what we do. Please contact the course administrator to schedule a suitable time for your visit, in order to ensure that our school meets your expectations.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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